why we

2 worldwide market leaders join forces and share the same vision :

Aperam Alloys, Shivalik Bimetal Controls have combined their respective strengths and experience to bring to the industrial clad market an unprecedented breadth and depth of material expertise in all areas: knowledge of end-user applications, worldwide reputation in R&D, technical support, world class manufacturing in cladding of our 2 existing sites, an unique and dedicated sales network covering 30 countries.

Creating value through innovation

The quest for high quality, optimised design, enhanced properties, short delivery time at competitive cost has become the leitmotiv of leading customers. This unique and innovative combination of 3 leaders puts ICS in a strong position to understand customer needs and to be proactive with value creating solutions. Our goal will be to help customers to maintain and to develop leadership in their field.

Designing and manufacturing competitive solutions tailored for customers, leaders in their field

We share the vision that prices of sophisticated raw materials will continue to increase. Our tailored clad innovative solutions will provide industry leaders with a winning technical and economical advantage. Sophisticated cladding technology combined with an optimised choice of materials is the best solution for the future. Promising developments with pioneering material combinations and highly precise properties will enable ICS to offer a broader spectrum of products and solutions to demanding market needs