Clad Solution

Heat Exchanger

For heat exchangers manufacturers, the clad materials offer a cost effective solution for use in variety of self-brazing applications. In such applications, these composite materials are formed and assembled in a manner that allows for the base material to become a structural or functional component in a heat exchanger assembly. These clad materials simplify greatly the manufacturing of the heat exchanger.







Cable Shielding

These shielding materials consist of a core material made out of Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel or high strength low alloy Steel solid state diffusion bonded with Copper or Aluminum on both sides, which have properties ideally suited for the telephone wire and cable environment. These cladded shielding materials are good cost effective replacements for Copper, Bronze or coated Aluminum shields in the industry offering both excellent attenuations and mechanical properties required by these applications.








The button cell batteries are the primary type of battery, which provides the power source for small electronic devices, watches, hearing aids, calculators and cameras. The clad materials are being used as cans and cups in the manufacturing of the button cells. Our production fulfills the highest standard in terms of thickness tolerance and surface quality required by this application. The primary applications of the clad materials are in Zinc Oxide Batteries, Silver Oxide Batteries, and Lithium Batteries.








Various combinations of material systems are being produced, which get used in the manufacturing of stovetop utensils. The material systems include Aluminum/Stainless Steel, Copper/Aluminum, etc. The good selection of raw material and thickness ratios will fulfill the requirements in terms of thermal conductivity and magnetic permeability to serve all kinds of cooking technologies.Our product line for Induction cookware is being developed under the Brand name of INNOPLY®







Copper/Invar/Copper Product for Electronic Substrate Materials

This clad product is primarily used in the printed circuit boards (rigid as well as flex) and in heat sinks for high reliability applications. The primary market is avionic circuit boards, both commercial and military applications.





With our cladding technology, various configurations of coinage materials can be produced, which are used in different parts of the world. The ratio of the outer clad layer can be varied from 2% to 30%.









Bearing Products

Our clad bearing products consisting different configurations of Copper or its alloys as outer layers combined with high strength Steel as inner layer provide excellent wear properties and strength applicable to many bearing applications.

and other unlimited applications…